Selecting a software solution is a major decision that will have long-term effects on how your teams and processes function. Having the right expertise available can make a huge difference to the benefits it delivers.

An important consideration, when choosing a software vendor, is how effectively they can work in partnership with you to deliver not only the product you need but also the right ongoing level of customer care and service to suit your internal capabilities and resources and ensure you continue to get the best possible return on your software investment.

Increase profit margin by increasing sales
I-frt will help you to increase the Sales minimum of 30-35% by measuring & managing your sales results by Daily alerts for everyday appointments and no chance to miss any meetings Helping management to make best quotation based on system generated reports Can set Monthly targets for branches , sectors , destinations , sales executive and will generate The comparison of actual and budgeted sales.

Increase profit margin by increasing productivity in less time
Data flow from Quotation to Invoice will substantially reduce the working time of documentation and accounts executives and can generate error free documents ( HBL , MBL , HAWB , MAWB). The integrated powerful web based accounting system will help the accounting executives to avoid the re entering the all the information from documents like quotation , BL etc .

Increase profit margin by giving more customer satsfaction
Through i-frt , your customers can track the instant status of their cargo by logging-in into the client interface.