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"Greeting from Space International Air travels Pvt. Ltd
Its great pleasure to use i-frt Freight Forwarding software since last 4 years, while using this software we can very easy to retrieve our whole data’s and report very easily and monitoring the entire activities in a single click.
Thank you for providing good software facility in freight forwarding industry."

Praveen Bose -Manager,Space International Air Travels Pvt.Ltd

"We are successfully using i-frt Freight Forwarding software for the last 7 years . After the implementation the time taken for the documentation especially processing the Air Way Bill has drastically come down . With the existing man power ,on using i-frt, I am able to do business documentation very fast.(say almost half the time is required compared with manual process ) . i-frt saves our overhead cost and can do our operations much faster and easier way without any human error. We have increased our customer satisfactions and also profits after using i-frt .All the best for i-frt team who gives excellent support on any needs".

Salim ( Manager) - Rapid Freight - Cochin

Business Benefits of i-frt Freight Forwarding software

• Modernize your global logistics and make your delivery pipeline much more robust and efficient
• Duplication of data entry can be avoided
• Cuts time spend in the delivery pipeline
• Shipper & Consignee can deal business very easily, effectively & economically
• Cuts Operation Cost
• Improves Customer Satisfaction
• Preparation of HBL/MBL/HAWB/MAWB can be tripled
• Overhead cost can be minimized up to 50%
• Business can be doubled with existing employees
• Almost ‘NIL’ paperwork

• Instant Status Tracking
• User-friendly Interfaces
• Very easy to train employees
• Lower employee stress-level
• Latest Technology
• Staff training team
• Dedicated team for updating and maintenance
• Always updating to new technology
• Research & Development team to do domain & technology update
• Standard Rates and Tariff available in finger tips
• Extensive MIS Reports
• Full-fledged Accounting System